• Welcome to Jugalbandiyan

    A new style, refreshing music and a lot of action on the dance floor!

  • Shalu Mehra

    Passionate about music from childhood. There was never any doubt about Shalu’s career path and her formidable education in both music and dance has prepared her well for a career in music.

  • Preeti Nagarajan

    Naturally gifted and trained in music by her father. A well known Bhajan singer and composer CK Nagarajan whose Sai Bhajans are famous worldwide.Trained in dance by Birju Maharaj and by her mother, A well known dance teacher Aruna Nagarajan.

  • Reshma Das

    Born to sing as listeners will soon confirm, Reshma is the only one in the group who does not come from a musical family and has struck out on her own in pursuit of a career in music. The youngest of 4 siblings, Reshma with three bachelors degrees in different genres of music under her belt is currently pursuing her Masters in music.


JugalBandiyan!! The play on the word “Jugalbandi” says it all. So of course “JugalBandiyan” is an all girl pop ensemble with three “bandiyan”. They are: Preeti, Shalu and Reshma. Three trained and talented singers who have come together to perform as a group. It’s possibly the first time in a decade that such a band has been seen in the Indian pop firmament. Unanimous in their choice of a singing platform, the girls believe that Bollywood is where it's all happening and that’s what led them to coin their mission statement “Pure Entertainment: Bollywood Style”.

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